The 15th Annual Buster Keaton Convention is shaping up to be our best ever! This year, we will be celebrating on Friday, October 2nd, and Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan.
Buster Keaton’s cousin, Ted Keaton III, will discuss Buster’s favorite of his feature films, The General. This will be an excellent complement to our screening of The General in the beautiful Frauenthal Theater. The exceptional Dennis Scott will provide accompaniment, and the West End Jazz Band will give a short concert before the feature film. Then, we’ll host our annual Speakeasy on the Frauenthal stage.
We have so much more planned for your enjoyment!

• Vergil Noble will discuss Keaton genealogy.
• David Macleod will continue his popular series of Keaton Research Papers, focusing on Seven Chances.
• More rare Keaton clips.
• A guided walking tour of Buster’s childhood neighborhood in nearby Bluffton.
• A reception at the historic Muskegon train depot, the very same one that hosted the arrival of the Keaton’s return to Muskegon every year.
• A sumptuous banquet on Saturday night, fascinating talks, rare Keaton
• Amazing music, a fantastic speakeasy, all centered around the wonderful Buster Keaton.
• Plus the fun of being among your fellow Keaton fans.

How can you miss it? See you in October!!

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