The Boat

The Boat (1921)

In his garage, Keaton puts the finishing touches on his boat, the Damfino. He attaches the boat trailer to his car, enlarges the garage door opening, and drives off with his family. The vessel knocks down the wall, causing the house to disintegrate. Down at the dock, after the car plunges into the sea, the boat joins it, sliding smoothly underwater.

The Damfino recovers and Keaton demonstrates his method for fitting under low bridges: the mast and smokestack lean back. Distracted, he misses a bridge and everything topples over. He fixes the mess, then joins the family for a disastrous dinner.

That evening a storm comes up. When he radios for help, a Coast Guard thinks that a boat called Damfino can only be a prank. The wind rolls the boat over and over. Finally Keaton puts his family into the lifeboat and bravely goes down with his ship. Then he sensibly joins his kin. The lifeboat leaks and begins to sink, but it quickly touches bottom: they are only a few feet from the shore. As they walk to dry land, his wife asks where they are. He responds with the boat's name.

— Lisle Foote