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We're Goin' to Muskegon

From The Boat, 1921.  Artwork by David B. Pearson, c. 2000.
6th Annual Damfinos Convention
  Above photo/artwork courtesy David B. Pearson, 2000. Used by permission.
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N.B.: Register now! Anyone whose registration is received after Oct. 3
will not be able to attend the convention's Saturday night dinner
and possibly the Symphony concert, due to limited space availability.


Registration,2-3:30 p.m.,
Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor lobby
Reception, 4-5:30 p.m.
at the Muskegon Train Depot

Another Damfino Talk by
Damfino and
Blinking Buzzard,
the ever-popular
David Macleod
In-Between, 5:30-? p.m.
Hop on board the
Muskegon Trolley
and take a tour of the
Actors' Colony!

Friday Evening, 8-ish-11 p.m. at the Frauenthal,
across the street from the hotel
(Just follow the crowd.)
Rare Keaton on film, presented by film
archivist Bruce Lawton
plus special guest

Saturday Morning, 9 a.m.-12 noon at the Muskegon Museum of Art
"Damfino the Answer: The Damfinos Quiz"
by Scott Hamilton
(No, not that Scott Hamilton.)

Rare Keaton on video - including the world premiere of Keaton's very rare 1923 short, Third Age,
which has never been publicly shown*

"How to Be a Research Detective" by Martha Jett, Maria McLane
and Ron Pesch

Saturday Afternoon, 1:30-5:30 p.m., Muskegon Museum of Art
Bob Olds, who directed Buster Keaton
in the "Shamrock Oil" commercial

More Rare Keaton on Video

"The Real Buster Keaton Story" by Patricia Eliot Tobias

The Damfinos Auction.
Proceeds go to support The Damfinos.
Auctioneer: David Macleod.
Rare Keaton memorabilia.

The Annual Damfinos Thanksgiving Dinner
6-7:45 p.m.,
Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor

Saturday Night, 8-9 p.m., Frauenthal movie palace.
The Damfinos will be the special guests of the
Muskegon Symphony Orchestra, which will perform
Carl Davis' score as a packed house watches One Week.

Saturday Night, 9-10-ish p.m., Frauenthal
Half an evening of classic Keaton shorts
Saturday Late Night, 10-ish p.m.-the Wee Hours at Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor

* In 1923, Keaton made his first feature film, Three Ages. He constructed the movie so it could be cut apart into three separate shorts if it didn't go well as a feature. Fortunately, Three Ages was a big hit. Damfino Jack Dragga has separated the three segments into the shorts that might have been. Two years ago, we showed the Stone Age short; last year, the Roman Age, and this year we finish it off with the Modern Age. Many thanks to Jack Dragga.


Martha Jett
Martha Jett is co-chair of this year's convention. She produced last year's documentary on Buster's World War I experience. An avid collector, she is also a superb researcher.

Bruce Lawton
Writer and film preservationist, Bruce Lawton comes from a family of Hollywood cameramen. He is the home entertainment reviewer for The Keaton Chronicle.

Maria McLane
Born and raised in Akron Ohio, Maria earned a Bachelors Degree in from the University of Akron and a Masters in Library Science from Kent State University. She's been employed by the Akron-Summit County Public Library for 22 years and currently manages the Audio Visual Services Division.

David Macleod
Author of The Sound of Buster Keaton, David is a continuity announcer for Channel Four in London. As always, David will be scintillating, entertaining and (heavens!) educational.

Bob Olds
Bob Olds directed Buster Keaton in a Shamrock Oil television commercial in the 1950s. He has fond memories of their time together.

Ron Pesch A sports historian who lives in Muskegon, Ron has been a real pal to The Damfinos for years. Without him, we wouldn't have a home in Muskegon, nor would we know as much as we do about the Actors' Colony.

Patricia Eliot Tobias
Co-founder of The Damfinos, she is currently public affairs coordinator for The Writers Guild of America, west. Two years ago, she worked in the editorial department at The New York Times. Before that, we can't remember...


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